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Artistic Statement

I am a product of my environment. I wish I could tell you that my parents meeting at a Theater
was a joke, but it’s not. Worse than that, my mom was an actor and my dad was working crew
for that particular show. So you could argue that I was conceived in the theater (but don’t worry
that didn’t actually happen). I could dance before I could walk. I wanted to start taking singing
and music lessons at 3, piano at 5, and acting classes at 6. Some kids that age were forced by
their mothers to do those things, but I wanted to do them without a single push. And when I
wanted to quit something I was able to. I was in charge of my own destiny. As I age, I realize I
am still in charge of that destiny and I know what I have wanted to do all along.

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said to me “Are you sure you want to do theater?
Don’t you want to make money? What kinds of jobs can you get with a degree in theater?” or
my personal favorite told by many people working in theater “If you can do anything else
besides theater, do it.” Trust me, for a period in my life I hated the thought of being an actor and
performing because the road can be so uncertain, but I can’t help myself.

Theater isn’t about learning lines, working with other great actors, getting money or fame, and it
surely isn’t about yourself. To me, it’s about giving it away to others. To make your audience
laugh or cry or think. To change minds and make humans do what we were made to do. Feel.
When you make someone feel, they, in turn, give energy back to you and that cycle of energy
you can’t find anywhere else in the world. That feeling keeps me going. Even though global
pandemics, unions financially bickering, or starting a career in theater (and that might be the
scariest of the three). That feeling of being connected with other people, captured in a story altogether and simply being.

I love other things too! I like computers and Information Technology or Technology
Infrastructure; how things get put together. I love to cook and make melanzane alla parmigiana
(no I do not speak Italian) or maybe make a mixed drink like a Strawberry Mint Mojito. I love to travel and
see new places, try new food, and laugh with new people. Theater is what I do. I work at it, I
better myself at it, and I find as many non-traditional ways I can to make it.
So that’s who I am, just a guy who wants to live the dream; be happy and love what I do.

Thanks for your time and consideration and have an awesome day.



Christopher Cauffman Cooke

Artistic Statement
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